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Advantages to Your Pets:

  1. Routine: Your pets are able to maintain as close to a normal routine as possible while under our care.  Pets are creatures of habit and we like to keep it that way.

  2. Familiarity: Your pets are able to stay in secure, familiar surroundings.  Where as in a kennel, things are confusing and unfamiliar.

  3. Health: Your pets exposure to illness is highly reduced.

  4. Individualization: Your pets will receive loving individual attention.  Also by having individualized care for you pet, pet sitters are able to recognize irregular behaviors of your pet.  Our trained pet sitters will know if something is wrong.

  5. No trauma: For some pets, traveling and kenneling is extremely stressful and nerve wrecking.  Using a pet sitter can eliminate this trauma.


Advantages to You, as a Pet Owner:

  1. Convenience: You will not be inconvenienced by having to transport your pets to the vet or a kennel.  Pet sitters work every day unlike many kennels and vets, so you don’t have to pay for an extra day because your kennel/vet is closed on Sunday. Not only do you see your best friend sooner, you save money!

  2. No Imposition: You will not need to impose on friends or relatives.

  3. Security: By using a professionally operated pet sitting service, the pet sitters are accustomed to pets and their needs.

  4. “Lived In” Look: While you are gone our  pet sitters give your house the “lived in” look.  Alternating lights, bringing in the mail, watering indoor and outdoor plants and having their car in the driveway are all crime deterring measures.

  5. Availability: Most importantly, we are only a phone call/email away 24 hours a day.  If your plane gets delayed, just give us a ring and we will make arrangements to stay longer with your animals.

  6. Relief: Ability to return home to find happy, healthy pets awaiting your arrival and your home just the way you left it.