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How are we Different?

  1. Unlike most pet sitting services, there is no certain time frame that our pet sitters are at your house. We feel that limiting our time at your home to a certain 12 hour period can cause deviations from their normal schedules.  Keeping your pets on a schedule as close to the one that you have is one of our main goals, aside from your pet's safety.

    Most of our pet sitters do work outside of just pet sitting which will cause them to be out of your house for certain periods of time.  This is always discussed up front.  Our "Over Night" prices include letting your pets out at lunch or while the pet sitter who is staying overnight is working.*

    If your animals need more continuous care we can arrange that, contact us for more details.

  2. With us the extras are not extra!  Our single fees include services to give your pet everything they need.  There are no additional charges for giving medications or insulin injections.  Also, we do not charge fees for holidays either!  As long as our clients understand that we will be spending time with our families during these times, we don't feel inconvenienced and feel the need to charge extra.



*This is schedule dependent.  I will always be there to help out my pet sitters with their jobs as much and as frequently as possible.